Гранти для сприяння захисту прав людей з інвалідністю

Конкурс здійснюється у рамках Проекту “Об’єднуємося заради реформ” (UNITER) та спрямований на підтримку громадських ініціатив, що сприяють захисту прав людей з інвалідністю.


Persons with disabilities in Ukraine face a number of barriers whereby they can even be partially or totally refused their rights to education, free and “facilitated” movement, employment (even when they are fully qualified), access to information, appropriate medical services and political participation. In addition to stereotypes and prejudice as well as lack of access to information, inclusion of PWDs in equal participation in all spheres of Ukrainian society is also hindered by physical barriers. These include: lack of accessibility of architecture and infrastructure and lack of transport accessibility, which prevent people with disabilities not only from fully exercising their right for independent living, but also from obtaining full access to education, justice system, labor market, culture, sports, health and financial services, information, tourism, electoral process etc.

Though Ukraine has developed and adopted solid legal framework to ensure the rights of PWDs and create accessible environment for their social integration, certain changes still need to be made, pertaining to harmonization of legislation with the Convention of for Rights of People with Disabilities and EU standards. These changes not only need to be made but operationalized and turned into a sustainable everyday practice.

Goals and Objectives of the Call for Applications

The goal of this Call for Applications is to support civic coalitions and initiatives in addressing disability issues through civic advocacy for promoting, protecting and ensuring social, economic and political inclusion of persons with disabilities in Ukraine.

The objective of the call is to support civil society initiatives that:

  • http://www.prostir.ua/wp-content/themes/prostir/images/square_list.png);">Support development of the wide sectoral horizontal networks and coalitions that engage civil society, media, business and other organizations and activists focusing on promoting rights of people with disabilities.
  • http://www.prostir.ua/wp-content/themes/prostir/images/square_list.png);">Educate, communicate and mobilize the demand for policy implementation or change;
  • http://www.prostir.ua/wp-content/themes/prostir/images/square_list.png);">Promote reform agenda that represents interests and needs of persons with disabilities;
  • http://www.prostir.ua/wp-content/themes/prostir/images/square_list.png);">Promote legislative change for harmonization with EU standards;
  • http://www.prostir.ua/wp-content/themes/prostir/images/square_list.png);">Promote legislative change to ensure non-discrimination of women with disabilities.

Eligibility criteria: Officially registered NGOs and consortia of registered NGOs from all regions of Ukraine are encouraged to apply.

Grant amount: Pact plans to support up to 3 initiatives. The total pool for this CFA is up to USD 100,000.

Tentative duration of the grants: up to 6 months.

Deadline for submission of the proposals is 8 November 2015.

If you are interested to apply, please use the UNITER proposal guidelines and budget template. Please, submit completed application electronically to the e-mail Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. with the subject: Response to pre-election CFA.

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